Roller Fabric Blinds:
These come with a sleek design and in a variety of durable fabrics for either room darkening or light filtering. They come in a wide range of styles and options, including the Standard Chain Drive system. Roller Fabric Blinds are suitable for small, large, corner or bay windows in any room in the home. Roller Blinds are available in a range of Translucent, Block out and Sunscreen fabric types which can control heat, light and glare throughout the day while offering privacy at night. With its classic design and simple appeal, the Roller Blinds deliver practical operation and unobtrusive style to any home or office.

Vertical Blinds:
Vertical Blinds control heat and light and come in a sleek modern design, which incorporates the Ultimate Track System. Vertical blinds are available in translucent and block-out fabrics in a huge variety of colors. Pinchood vertical blinds add a fresh new dimension to traditional windows. The Ultimate Vertical Track System is the most ?exible solution for large Glazing & Office windows and offers perfect light protection with a 200 degree vane closure to ensure minimal light leakage between blades.

Wooden Venetian blinds:
For the classic look and style of a timber venetian blind in a room, Wooden Blinds are the perfect solution. The smooth finish of Beyond Woods Venetian Blinds provides a practical alternative to wooden blinds. Constructed from Malaysian Bass wood, they can be completely motorized and is the perfect solution to rooms. Traditional Wooden Blinds provide the look of natural timber with simple-to-use cord operation, while Fabric Tapes offer traditional styling to complement traditional homes. Wide tapes are used to block light coming through the cord rout holes.

Zebra Blinds:
The Day & Night Blinds is a very interesting and innovative solution to the arrangement of windows and will satisfy the most demanding customers. Day & Night system allows infinitely adjustable amount of sunlight in the room using two-layer fabric with different light transmission.

Triple Shade Blinds
Triple shade blinds are our innovative products that combine drape, window screening and curtain blinds. These blinds are made from a triple cell fabric that provides suppleness to the pleated blind giving it a plush look. Our triple shade blinds add an exotic touch to your room with a range of brilliant colours to match and accentuate your interiors.

Balcony PVC Blinds:
Outdoor PVC Blind are installed to the outside of your window or patio to block the sun light partially and control the view. Balcony blinds provides daytime privacy while still allowing natural light and visibility on the inside. It can lower interior temperature as much as possible. PVC blinds are designed to be long lasting and durable in extremely hot climates and can even be rolled up through the winter. These blinds help to reduce the glare while still allowing lots of ambient light to enter.

Bamboo Chick blinds:
For interior use, our woven bamboo blinds create a casual but classy look. This material has excellent insulating properties. It is the ideal choice for areas which require full privacy. It is also very durable and lasts for several years. Woven blinds come in different shades and finish. With such a wide range of options to choose from, Bamboo Chick Blinds are suited for just about any space in a home or office.

Insulated Glass Blinds
In this type of blinds, a curtain (Venetian blind or pleated) is placed between two sheets of glass, in a sealed glass chamber. Movement of the curtain, either manual or motorized does not alter the insulating properties of the unit, as it takes place in a fully sealed environment. The features of glass blind ensure absolute protection against soiling, dust, and weathering, and minimum to zero maintenance. The magnetic devices used in them practically last forever. The variety of models and their versatility offers solutions for any kind of window frame.

Honeycomb Blinds:
Shades provide the ultimate in versatile light control, privacy and style to any room. Produced from bonded polyester honeycomb structured fabric, Duette Shades are an efficient window insulator, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, saving on your energy costs. Attractive and contemporary, Duette Shades are available in a range of colours and fabric styles to soften the light and bring warmth to any room. Pinchood Duette Shades are at the forefront of innovative design, offering the ideal balance between function and energy efficiency along with versatility and style. Available in different fabric translucencies, colours and operating systems, Duette Shades keep you warm in winter and cool in summer providing a perfect, beautiful window covering solution for your home.

Pleated Binds:
Pleated blinds sometimes called plisse are an attractive and versatile alternative to a venetian or roller blind. The blinds with very slim top and bottom rails draw up to the top of the window very neatly when not required taking up less room than other types of blind. There are two blind types available: a free hanging blind for windows, conservatory glass walls and doors; and a rectangular skylight blind suitable for glass ceilings and roofs. Our pleated blinds come in a large range of subtle and vibrant shades in plain design, with majority of them having a daylight control option.

Roman Blinds:
Roman Blinds cover windows with a contemporary look and feel. Roman Shades are available in a range of fabric types including room darkening, translucent and sunscreen fabrics. Our Roman Shades can be designed to suit your tastes and your home’s specific needs, not to mention style with its range of different accessories to suit your home and decor. One could choose from a range of tassels and color-coordinated cord cleats to add the perfect finishing touch to your blinds.