Magnetic Insect Screens are an excellent solution for windows where traditional insect screens are hard to fix. For example, older style nets can be replaced with Magnetic nets which is almost invisible on most windows. Our Magnetic Insect Screens for Windows are custom-made to fit any size of window and are simple to maintain. They are flexible and adhere magnetically to the inside of a window’s frame.

You simply have to peel back for opening or closing your window. These magnetic nets can be easily installed on the windows and provide protection against insects and mosquitoes

  • Invisible on windows
  • Elegant & simple to handle
  • Wrinkle & Sag free on windows
  • Easily Detachable screens for cleaning
  • Customizable sizes in standard colors
  • Flexible for any kind of windows
  • Mesh Options: Fiberglass Insect screens (imported from US)